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Ammonia Harbor

Diving at the ammonia harbor in the Little Belt in Denmark near Fredericia - lots of life at the bottom.
Hemmoor Kreidesee 2013

Diving in the underwater forrest, on the airplane, the rüttler and all the other stuff left from the mine. Fantastic dives with water temp down to 5 degrees celcious and depths up to 55 meters.
Survival of the fittest

The life at the bottom of the ocean is a fight every day to survive - here you can see some of the fish in Denmark fighting for something to eat - SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST
Cold water night diving

Denmark offers perfect conditions for cold water diving and along with some interresting night diving you get some awesome diving. Conditions were strong current and 2 degress celcious, but all in all a good dive.
Help us save our planet

Help us save the oceans - we need them more then most people can imagine.

Her ser du fra 1 til 5 ud af 57 videoer Nęste Side